Scarlet Ibis
Updated: 11/3/2020
Scarlet Ibis

Storyboard Text

  • William Armstrong was just born in the hospital. The doctor tells his family that he has a very weak heart. After hearing this, no one really had hope in him living besides his aunt.
  • William ends up living longer than many would have thought. One day he started crawling backwards which got him his new name, Doodle. This name comes from the Doodle Bug.
  • Doodle and his brother like to go to Old Woman Swamp very often. Here, Doodle eventually learns how to walk from his brother teaching him. His brother taught him this because he was embarrassed of Doodle.
  • One afternoon, Doodle and his family were eating whenever they heard a strange noise from outside. When they went to look, they found a dead Scarlet Ibis. Doodle eventually buries the bird.
  • After Doodle's brother taught him how to walk, he was determined to teach him other things. One of the things he wanted to teach him was to steer a skiff. Doodle has to hurry back up tide because a big storm is coming
  • Doodle and his brother end up getting caught in the storm. His brother ends up leaving him but eventually turning back around for him. When he eventually found Doodle, he was covered in blood and not moving. Doodle ended up passing away because he got too cold and scared.