Updated: 2/5/2020
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  • Class, we are going on a field trip!
  • Mrs. Smith, what is Pangaea?
  • Pangaea is the theory that the continents were once together into a single supercontinent.
  • Who discovered Pangaea?
  • Alfred Wegener was a german geologist who discovered Pangaea, but no one supported his hypothesis until Arthur Holmes elaborated his idea.
  • Lets go!!
  • You see that mountain? That is a convergent boundary, this happens when two plates move towards each other
  • There are 3 types of convergent boundaries: oceanic oceanic, oceanic continental, and continental continental
  • What type is this mountain?
  • This mountain here is a continental continental plate boundary, where one plate subducts and the other melts in the mantle
  • Yes, another example is the Andes Mountains located in South America
  • Is there more than one mountain formed on a convergent boundary?
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