Honors English
Updated: 3/4/2020
Honors English

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  • Jerry Cruncher Digging Up A Grave
  • Haha I'm "fishing"
  • What is he doing?!
  • Carton Is Drunk Again
  • Why am I not good enough
  • Jerry Cruncher Abusing His Wife
  • Why are you praying against me!
  • I wasn't! I'm Sorry!
  • Jerry Cruncher is known for grave digging. Jerry Cruncher is currently digging up a spy named Roger Cly. In the back of the picture is little Jerry Cruncher his son. Little Jerry finds out his dad is a gravedigger and is now petrified. Little Jerry runs home and hides in his closet very scared.
  • The Switch
  • Quick! Switch clothes with me
  • Carton uh what?!
  • Sydney Carton is very ashamed of himself. Carton copes with his depression with alcohol and constantly getting drunk. At night Carton walks the streets stumbling and falling over. Constantly feels he was never good enough his whole life. Since Charles Darnay is his doppelganger, Carton always feels Darnay is the good version of himself that he is not.
  • Carton Moves On
  • I'm in a good place now
  • Jerry Cruncher is constantly convinced that his wife is praying against him. In result, Jerry gets very angry and decides to often abuse her. Jerry screams at his wife and does such things as throwing a boot at her. This anger from Jerry shows the anger he carries with himself on a daily basis. Jerry is a grave-digger meaning he isn't very happy with life to begin with. 
  • Darnay and Lucie Become One
  • My beloved husband
  • Yes I do!
  • In this scene, Carton shows up at the prison that Darnay is being kept at. Carton demands that Darnay switches clothes with him since they look very alike. Darnay questions this to find out that Carton is sacrificing his life for Darnay so that he can live a happy life. Darnay sneaks out as Carton to see his family once again. Carton prepares himself to be put to death by the guillotine.
  • After switching clothes with Darnay, Carton then moves on to sacrificing his life for Darnay. Carton stays calm and thinks about how happy he can be now. All of Cartons life was spent being an alcoholic therefore dying gives his life a purpose. Carton always saw Darnay as his other side that he was never. By saving Darnay's life he can wish Lucie and her family the best.
  • In this scene, Darnay and Lucie are getting married. Darnay says he would do anything for Luice. They plan to get married and to go on their honeymoon. Darnay has still not told anyone his real name, but he ends up sad since he has not told her yet. The beloved couple thinks their going to live a happy life but in reality Lucie doesn't know of the upcoming emotional roller coaster. 
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