Updated: 7/24/2020

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part 2 chapter 2 English+Humanties

Storyboard Text

  • shhh
  • father Juilliard telling us about the school and how its made out of 16 metal containers that were bolted and screwed together and windows were cut out
  • father Juilliard was telling us how he lets rat take a bath if he needs one and how he lets him have some food
  • Google
  • father Juilliard was telling us how there are rules but rules are made to be broken but one rule is not which is no talking in the stairs which most people remember
  • Father Juilliard was telling us how he lets kids come and play on the computer and how it was donated even through is was going to the trash anyway
  • father Juilliard came to his office and saw that there were three boys sanding at his door and they asked to use the computer for a news website, he said it was late but lent them use it anyway.
  • father Juilliard went and got some lemonade and sandwiches but by the time he got back they were already done looking at the news website and took the food and drink then left