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Inside an atom
Updated: 2/20/2019
Inside an atom
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  • Everything used to be normal...
  • where am I!?
  • I am where?
  • Welcome to the carbon atom! 
  • Gaining knowledge
  • What's a carbon atom? It sounds cool!
  • Until I awoke one morning much, much smaller than I had been the night before
  • The nucleus
  • The nucleus is where the protons and neutrons live. Six protons and six neutrons live in the nucleus.
  • Well you see, carbon is represented by the letter C. It has an mass of about twelve AMU and it gets all of its mass from the nucleus.
  • I met a group of protons and electrons and asked them where I was. They told me I was in a carbon atom in a pillow case.
  • The outer rim
  • Not knowing what a carbon atom was, I asked my new friends what it was.
  • Something I will never forget
  • hmm...
  • why is he staring at us?
  • I first learned about the nucleus of the carbon atom. It is made up of six neutrons and six protons.
  • I then visited the outer part of the carbon atom where I learned about the carbon atom's outer part. The outer part of the carbon is made up of energy shells. The first energy shell holds two electrons while the outer shell holds holds four.
  • The first energy shell holds two electrons while the outer shell, the one I am only, consist of four valence electrons
  • The outer part of the carbon atom consist of two energy shells.
  • Some time later, I just randomly turned back to my normal self. Though I was happy to be back in my body, I would never forget the time I spent inside a carbon atom. Its not like I could anyway, as whenever I look at pillow, I can somehow see all the little carbon atoms that make up the pillow casing. I don't know if I am just going crazy, but I think I can even here them talking sometimes.
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