The Parable Of the Wedding Banquet

Updated: 3/18/2021
The Parable Of the Wedding Banquet

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A Modern Version

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  • Go to the town and find the people who don't have any where to stay or have no money
  • Sure!
  • Everyone is at the table its just you we are waiting for
  • mmm this is so yummy! we never get anything like this! Thanks!
  • The owner of the well known Winery once sent out his best employee of management to the town to get people who are the least privileged and bring them to his winery for a feast.
  • The people who were asked are very happy because as god says, "invite the people that would never get invited".
  • They have a wonderful big feast and have a great time. Always remember that there are others out there less fortunate then you and spend time getting them involved in feast or other activities.