F451 essay comic
Updated: 3/3/2021
F451 essay comic

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evolution of Montag

Storyboard Text

  • la la la la
  • I don't even know my own wife! I don't even care if she dies!
  • page 2: Montag has not meet Clarisse yet because he is still oblivious to his surroundings.
  • Maybe books can get us half out of the cave . They might stop us from making the same damn insane mistakes!
  • noooo, what am I doing?
  • page 19: Clarisse tells Montag to rub a dandelion on his chin to see if he is in love. Montag takes clear offense when Clarisse says to him that he is not in love.Montag has started to change but is still very rooted in his ways
  • I should not be here.
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha, the family is so funny
  • page 41: Montag is crying because he come to the realization that if Mildred dies he would not even care. The realization of not crying at death makes him cry.
  • Faber Help!!
  • page 70: Montag realizes the importance of books and he finally get the courage to start reading them.
  • Haywood Cooper 2nd period
  • page 90: Montag and Faber are plotting to do something against the government. Montag feels out of place in society now that he has started reading books.
  • page 101: Montag is confidant enough that he thinks he can outsmart and trick Beatty into believing he knows nothing. But Beatty is still suspicious. This shows Montag's new intelligence and confidence.