Updated: 6/13/2020
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  • Claudius and Gertrude interrogate Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about their discussion with Hamlet they don’t have much to report other than Hamlet was interested by the acting company .
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  • He asked them to preform that evening when they leave he send Gertrude off so that he Polonius and Ophelia can plan the chance meeting between Ophelia and Hamlet to test whether it’s Hamlet’s love for Ophelia that’s making him behave oddly.
  • They tell Ophelia to stroll the hall while reading a book while they hide nearby.
  • Hamlet eventually appeared lost in this thoughts and apparently contemplating suicide this is where Hamlet gives one of the most famous soliloquies ever " to be or not to be? "
  • Seeing Ophelia he interrupts his thought to speak with her Ophelia try’s giving back some gifts but suspicion of her motives Hamlet denies they are from him and that he ever loved her the two leave an impassioned discussion reeling in confusion and a mutual feeling of betrayal which culminates with hamlet saying the famous line " Get there to a numnnery "
  • Claudius and Polonius come to Ophelia side shocked by what they have witnessed Polonius insists Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is at the root of his madness Cladius becoming paranoid begins to suspect Hamlet may know some thing he decided to send Hamlet to England fearing he may end up being a threat Polonius suggests that Hamlet speaks with his mother while Polonius spies on them Cladius consents.
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