Female Fighters Block
Updated: 5/18/2020
Female Fighters Block

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  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Golda Meir
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Europe's first woman prime minister; the only British prime minister to win 3 consecutive terms; and the longest serving prime minister since 1827. Changed the British economy from statism to liberalism. Reduced government regulations and reduced unemployment. Had a part in ending the Cold War.
  • Mother Teresa
  • Prime minister of Israel; Minister of Labor; Foreign Minister. Freed many Jew refugees in Britian. Signed the Israel declaration declaring independence. Created the Israel Labor Party and opened peace talks with other countries to end hostilities.
  • Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
  • Indians third prime minister; nationalized the countrys banks; signed the Simla Agreement ending war with Pakistan; revitalized the farming industry in India and ended food shortages; led the country into the nuclear age.
  • Jane Cooke Wright
  • Founder of the Order of Missionaries of Charity; Helped the poor and sick in India; taught and became principal of St. Marys school; considered one of the 20th centurys greatest humanitarians; canonized as a saint; established the order for hospice and centers for the blind, aged and disabled.
  • A group of mothers who met in Buenos Aires, Argentina to protest in non-violent demonstrations to end the violence on the youth. Children were disappearing when the government was abducting them if they were opponents of their regime. The mothers grew international attention and published their own newspaper to make a change.Changed the states rules and helped reform the government.
  • Physician who is credited for being the researcher to discover chemotherapy. Only woman who helped found the American Society of Clinical Oncology and was elected president of the New York Cancer Society. Appointed Assoc. Dean head of Cancer Department at NY Medical College. Highest ranked mixed African female physician. Served on the National Cancer Advisory Board.