The Crucible
Updated: 2/13/2020
The Crucible

Storyboard Text

  • Principal Dan is a strict and mean, old man and Abby is his niece. He believes Abby is nothing but a saint, when in reality she is a bully. Thinking that Johnny is a liar and now also in trouble, he asks for his and Eliza’s parent’s numbers to call home.
  • Abby complies and a call is sent to her home. However, Johnny refuses as he isn’t lying at all. He also doesn’t want his parents to think that he is a disobedient student or a liar.
  • Principal Dan is further angered, and he gives Johnny an ultimatum: either face his parent’s disappaointment at his actions, or face a week work worth of detention at recess.
  • Johnny has gotten himself into quite a predicament. Either get in trouble, or have his parents think terrible of him. He realizes that he doesukjht fa/d’h loshksj