Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • Charles Pinckney
  • Click To EditPolitical Affiliation-FederalistBackground-Pinckney first studies law in Charleston. Pinckney was on the side of the americans in the Revolutionary war. He defended Charleston during the war. He framed the South carolina constitution and was minister to France in the Washington era.Election of 1800-Pinckney was nominated by the federalist party and received 64 electoral votes.
  • John Jay
  • Political Affiliation-FederalistBackground-Jay helped write the Olive branch petition. He also became the second governor of New York. He was the first chief justice of the Supreme Court. He also helped write the infamous Jay treaty with Britain that sparked many criticism.Election of 1800-Jay only received 1 vote from Rhode Island.
  • John Adams
  • Political Affiliation-FederalistBackground-John Adams was the lawyer for the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. He became a part of the constitutional convention. He was one of the founding fathers. He was the first vice president and won the election of 1796.Election of 1800-Adams was the incumbent president. He received 65 electoral votes as the nominee for the federalist party.
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