Updated: 6/5/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Just do it!!
  • Captain we have to run and shoot if we get enough of them they may surrender.
  • That's a suicide mission!
  • This may of been one of the most gruesome battles and we may have lost thousands but still we must fight on. For we are the people, the people alone, are the motive for in making world history.
  • We have lost many lives and have lived through hell you and I know that soon enough we will die, but we must carry on because we only have 100 miles to go
  • Today was the day we survived we escaped the nationalists we got out of their horrible grasp and achieved greatness behind these walls are the CCMP and I will soon enough be a member here. You will stay and fight because we do not want to go through what we just went through again. You are the survivors of the Long March. As I have always said Power grows from the barrel of a gun and you are the gun.