Law Project
Updated: 6/9/2020
Law Project
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  • I'm sorry Jungkook. You failed this test and the class.
  • No, sorry. I suggest taking math in the summer again to get your credits.
  • Before math class Mr. Tomlinson breaks the bad news to Jungkook.
  • Oh no! Is there any way I can pass?
  • Wow... Mr. Tomlinson failed me in this class! He can't do that! I need to pass. I need to teach him a lesson.
  • What are you thinking of doing Jungkook?
  • Math class with Harry, Jungkook, and Mr. Tomlinson.
  • Let's go egg his house to teach him a lesson to not mess with me!
  • On the walk home from school, Harry and Jungkook devised a plan to teach Mr. Tomlinson a lesson.
  • It's illegal, but if we do it at night we won't get caught. I want to teach Mr. Tomlinson a lesson, and that there will be consequences if he fails me!
  • Thats a good idea. But I have an even better idea. Let's spray paint his house! It will be sick.
  • They follow Mr. Tomlinson home, and find his address.
  • Let's meet up tomorrow evening Harry.
  • They played to meet up at 7 in the evening to carry out the plan.
  • You got it boss. I'll go bring my spray paint.
  • Oh no!
  • Mr. Tomlinson catches them, and calls the cops.
  • I called the police!
  • We're going to jail!
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