History Project
Updated: 1/28/2021
History Project

Storyboard Text

  • Well, well, well
  • Yes mom, I'm just trying to study something because my team nominated me for the class jeopardy challenge and I now nothing about the revolution.
  • Is my daughter finally reading?
  • Well I am looking at a comic but it's actually educational. Come look
  • Wait, you're not reading your looking at a comic!
  • The Revolutionary War 
  • The Coercive acts(also known as the intolerable acts)
  • If they want a piece of us, they'll get a piece of us! I'm writing a letter to the colonies to tell them to boycott ALL British goods.hm
  • Oh, no Samuel what are you gonna do about this intolerable Boston port act?
  • Well, your highness if I may suggest, how about we tax the colonists
  • The regulars have blocked our ports
  • How are we going to pay of all the debt from the war?! These annoying colonists we help them and they waist our tea! How ungrateful!
  • Be it official that the port of Boston be closed, meaning no ships going in or out until restitution is made for the waisted tea.
  • Thank you parliament. This will definitely take effect by June 1st