Tale of Two Hearts Pg 7-12
Updated: 5/6/2019
Tale of Two Hearts Pg 7-12

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  • Scanning them carefully, I sense zero bloodlust. Could it be possible...
  • Despite your capabilities, you choose not to resist and therefore not a threat. Here come with me. My home is not far.  My name is Myne.
  • (quietly) Do think that we can trust him?
  • (quietly) Also, we never introduced ourselves. I'm Sherria, nice to meet you.
  • (quietly) If we don't we might get killed. We don't have a choice.
  • (quietly) Yeah that's true I'm Leo. Hope we can get along well.
  • Make Haste
  • Here is my home. Enter. I will explain everything.
  • At Myne's house
  • We live in a world where a war rages on between four clans. Dracians, Macians, Fairians, and Cicians. Dracians wield elemental magic, Macians wield weapons, Fairians wield their celestial magic, and Cicians wield their wisdom. We all race to find the Orb, a mythical object that will grant one single wish. The Fairians are the race with almost full control. The can vaporize an enemy in an instant. You two are children of prophecy who will save the Macians from destruction and lead us to win the war. You both hold immense potential transcending all others of this world. The total control of both fire and lightning. Since there are two of you, one must have the ability to control fire and the other wind.
  • How do we use our powers?
  • He's on our side. That is good
  • It's quite simple. Imagine a circle in the center of your body. Now center all your energy of your into a singularity in the circle. Now bring the energy into your hands
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