Digital Cultural Heritage (1)
Updated: 3/23/2020
Digital Cultural Heritage (1)

Storyboard Text

  • Now, at this point of the tour, you can put on the VR and experience using the letterpress machines virtually
  • I will appear as you keep on going with this tour and there would be games and more interactive features ahead in this tour
  • Okay. Lets get started.
  • This place is amazing
  • Yeah. I'm loving the digitized tour so far. Can't wait to see the other interactive features
  • Lets get started!!
  • Now is the time for a mini game. Please give your name or any word you want . Then you would have to collect letter blocks to create the translated version of that.Also. please scan all the QR codes on the way from here for the game.
  • okay
  • Here we have a wide collection of letter blocks. As you are close to the letter blocks you are meant to collect, you will hear a beep.Now, lets start this game