The Downfall of Macbeth
Updated: 6/12/2020
The Downfall of Macbeth
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Macbeth was lead down a murderous path after finding out from the Three Witches that he was fated to be King. Though it seem as fate was the entity for the unfortunate events that occurred, Macbeth was driven not because of destiny or fate, but rather through his own desires.

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  • The Downfall of Macbeth(Turning to the Villain)
  • "All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!/ All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!/ All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!" (Macbeth 1.3. 48-50).
  • "Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell/That summons thee to heaven or to hell" (Macbeth 2.1 .62-63).
  • By Heidi JimenezMacbeth ability to choose.
  • "He needs not our mistrust, since he delivers /Our offices and what we have to do/ To the direction just...We have lost base half of our affair" (Macbeth 3.3.2-5;21).
  • People aren't born villains, they are made by choice. The Weird Sisters, who were first introduced to the audience, foretold the fate of Macbeth. While fate does play an important role, it ultimately Macbeth choice to accept fate or go against it. Macbeth was heavily praised by everyone which slowing feed his power hungry urges..
  • "Even till destruction sicken, answer me/To what I ask you" (Macbeth 4.1.60-61).
  • When Macbeth discovers that he has became Thane of Cawdor, he wanting of power started to grow very slow. While he was contemplating on his decison to kill King Duncan, his eventual decison was to go through with the plan. Macbeth character starts to turn down a path that will be hard to leave, yet he still continued on not being able to stop the flow.
  • "Go prick thy face and over-red thy fear/ Thou lily-livered boy. What soldiers, patch?/ Death of thy soul! Those linen cheeks of thine/ Are counselors to fear. What soldiers, whey-face?" (Macbeth 5.3.14-17).
  • One murder led to another one but the murder of Banquo was out of spite and fear. His moral view has been cloud due to his hungry and ambition to continue being on the throne. It doen't take Macbeth much trouble to kill his best friend and his best friend's son. The choices that are made are purely by his own accord and nothing physically forced him.
  • Macbeth's hunger to maintain in power have finally grasped him tightly around the neck. He goes directly to the Weird Sister to get insight on his future as king. His character evolved from being a hero being influenced by fate to a charcter that wants to control his fate of power hunger. The choice of doing right and wrong lays soley in the hand of one's own.
  • The character that was once full of compassion and had respect from others. Fell into the dark of evilness and spite. Macbeth is feared because poeple are afraid of what he is capable of/. His rude attitude towards his servants demonstrates how much Macbeth has truly changed. HIs hunger for power led to his downfall becasue he choose to do so. Influences are everywhere but whether poeple let it affect them is what shows the strenthen of a person.
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