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Updated: 2/20/2020
storyboard 2
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  • The girls now hang about with the boys and all dislike Natalie.
  • Natalie gets closer with Calvin and start going out.
  • They are happily going out and the others think that its shady.
  • It will be really bright outside the birds will be cheaping the sun will be out and there will be a sad sounding music in the background. There will be laughter from the girls.thew camera angle will be a long shot to show everyone and the houses.
  • Jack makes Calvin and Natalie breaks up and all of Natalie's friends make up and make her get with Jack.
  • There ill be them chatting and her telling him that shes happy to get to know him. The lighting will be dull and the camera angle will go from a long shpt to a medium shot of them both with Calvin's back to the camera.
  • Natalie just wants her friends to be happy so she gets with Jack.
  • This will be bright and there will be loads of chatting as its lunch. There will be focused on Calvin and Natalie. The shot will be a long shot to fading into an extreme long shot.
  • Calvin is now sitting on his own and watching everything that is happening with Jack and Natalie.
  • In this Jack will be laughing at clavin so they're will be laughter and nothing else there will be a music that gets louder and louder when calvin tries to stick up for himself.The shot will be a medium shot to a close up of Calvin's face getting sad and the lighting will go from bight to darker
  • This will be jack sitting on Natalies bed telling her how much he likes her and the brightness will be very bright and this shot will be an extreme long shot of her bedroom to a medium shot flicking between them both.
  • This will be an extreme long shot of natalie and Jack laughing and hannah walking to meet them and calvin will be on the side crying so there will be chatting and crying the shot will go from a long shot to a close up when hannah gets them and sees calvin crying.
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