Tom Sawyer
Updated: 2/10/2020
Tom Sawyer
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What Twain was saying about society in these scenes is that people don’t want to do work because they HAVE to do it. Play consists of doing something that you are not told to do. So when Ben saw that Tom “liked” whitewashing he thought that Tom wasn’t forced to do it and he became more interested in doing it. Such as when we see someone doing something we are not doing we want to do that thing instead of just standing around waiting. This is important because we have to remember when we are doing something we don’t like we have a mindset that motivates us into doing it and if we don’t want to do it we should not lie to other people because of our laziness. Eventually Tom convinces Ben to do it for him and gets something out of it too, not only does he get a break but he gets toys. Eventually, so many neighbors and friends see him who all trade him toys in return for whitewashing that Tom doesn’t do anything at all and earns so many toys that he doesn’t know what to do with them.

Storyboard Text

  • I don't want to whitewash the fence. I can't believe Aunt Polly gave me such a bad punishment
  • No sorry!
  • Hey Jim do you wanna whitewash this fence for me I'll fethch the water for you
  • Sorry I can't your Aunt told me not to
  • Oh come on! I'll give you cool marbles too
  • Hahahah! You have to whitewash that fence! I didn't do anything wrong so I have free time
  • You know not a lot of people get the chance to whitewash. I think I'm lucky to have the chance
  • Say, Tom let me whitewash a little.
  • Come on. I'll give you my marbles. And my apple
  • No I don't think so
  • Maybe we can workout a deal.
  • Everybody can do it but it comes at a price. Toys.
  • Hey I wanna try!
  • Us too!
  • I wonder what I am going to do with all these toys???
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