Adam And Eve
Updated: 6/4/2020
Adam And Eve

Storyboard Text

  • God created an image of himself. He named him Adam.
  • God gave Adam everything. All of the plants and animals. All of the seas and lands. Everything. Except for one fruit tree. God ordered that Adam NEVER eat the fruit from that tree as it would give him knowledge of right and wrong.
  • Adam was lonely, so God gave him a wife. Adam named her Eve. Eve was warned not to eat the fruit on the special tree either.
  • One Day, a snake came to Eve and told her: "Eve, the fruit on this tree will make you smart. You should eat it." And so she did. She then gave it Adam and he also ate the fruit. All of a sudden, they knew that they were naked and that they had to cover up.
  • One day, God came to visit Adam and Eve but they were hiding. God asked why they were hiding and they replied: "we are naked!" God knew they had eaten the fruit. He was mad.
  • God told them that from this day on, they would have to work for their food and lots of other consequences.