Hass Spicess
Updated: 2/17/2020
Hass Spicess

Storyboard Text

  • I love this SPACE!!! I thought that it would be so hard to get here but NO! When I came there was a carpark the there was changing rooms and toilets. Then when came down here there was a path its was so organised and easy for our life.
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!
  • This is my place, a nice warm room with a really comfy bed that I love so much. I love it because its a nice relaxing spot to be so I say its spiritual place.
  • This is an environment of a river this is not a human environment because it is a natural environment , the difference of the two is very simple, one is made by humans and one isn't.
  • Living and non-living thing are always changing no matter what, if you eat to much there isn't enough for everyone and farmers have to work harder. Some slowly like glaciers and some fast like bushland getting cut for houses.
  • Interconnection means that all living and non living things on earth are connected for example the Water Cycle.
  • Sustainability is very important now, but what is it? Well its can be referred to the ongoing capacity of the earth to maintain living things. We should recycle things and be wise with your water not like me.