Cyber Bullying 2
Updated: 3/18/2020
Cyber Bullying 2

Storyboard Text

  • If you need to speak to someone you can, in this case the girl is speaking to one of her relatives.
  • Hi,you okay?If you need to speak to me you can.
  • Hi, umm not really, I have a problem that is making me really upset.
  • KFC
  • Make sure whoever you are speaking to is trustworthy and someone who you can open up to.
  • Okay....whats happened?
  • An unknown number is sending me nasty messages everyday.
  • KFC
  • KFC
  • me
  • KFC
  • Whoever, your speaking to will help you to get out of the situation by giving you the best advice.
  • You should block him/her immediately!
  • .....I know right I should!
  • KFC
  • Sometimes not having social media can make your living style as hell! QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA!
  • Yep,,,, If it gets worse let me know but just try to stay out of social media because that is what mainly causes cyber-bullying.
  • Ye... Its probably best to delete all accounts so I can just live in peace.
  • Speaking to someone, getting out of social media is always a good thing! Make sure you have a good chat and meal at the end.
  • Ye thank you very much! Appreciated, wonder what I have done if you weren't here for me.
  • Ye...are you feeling better now that you have spoken to me?
  • Its fine, lets cheer up and get food now:)