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Moses, Aaron and the Plagues - Part 2
Updated: 6/11/2019
Moses, Aaron and the Plagues - Part 2
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  • 5th Plague - Livestock disease
  • All of my livestock have died! What happened?
  • 6th Plague - Boils
  • I'm covered in boils!
  • Us too!
  • 7th Plague - Hail
  • Wow! It sure is hailing!
  • Yeah! It is.
  • The 5th Plague starts and the livestock in Egypt start dying. There are livestock all around Egypt and the smell is really bad. They are suspected to have died from a plague.
  • 8th Plague - Locust
  • Ahhhh!
  • The 6th Plague starts by Moses getting dust from the furnace and throwing it toward to Pharaoh. This caused boils and rashes to break out in Egypt.
  • 9th Plague - Darkness
  • Why has darkness spread all over Egypt? It is the 2nd day that is has been dark!
  • The 7th Plague starts and this time it starts hailing in Egypt. It covers everything including people and animals.
  • 10th Plague - Firstborn
  • The 8th Plague was locusts. Locusts covered the earth and all men. No one was able to eat any crops because the locusts ate them all.
  • Help me! I'm covered in locusts! Help!
  • The 9th Plague was darkness over Egypt for 3 days. It was pitch black.
  • I don't know why either. Sorry!
  • The 10th Plague was when each firstborn in the whole of Egypt died at midnight. This included animals.
  • Oh no my son is dead!
  • Ahhh!
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