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Cell Analogy
Updated: 11/21/2019
Cell Analogy
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  • Hi, I'm the school walls. I would be the cell wall in a cell. The cell wall is the protective, semi-permeable outer layer of a plant cell. A major function of the cell wall is to give the cell strength and structure, and to filter molecules that pass in and out of the cell.
  • I'm Mr.Rogers, the janitor. In a cell, I would probably be the lysosomes. Lysosomes are in charge of waste removal. They digest excess or worn out organelles, food particles, and engulfed viruses or bacteria. They're like me, they clean up the waste.
  • Hi! I'm the front doors. I would be the cell membrane in a cell. The cell membrane is the boundary of the cell. It controls what exits and enters the cell. I control what enters and exits the school, so I'm like the cell membrane.
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