Updated: 11/15/2017
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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • NO we are not doing that
  • Yes we are its the presidents call I bet he agrees with me 
  • Why are they taxing our whisky? I don't know but lets rebel against them because this is not right
  • HELP!!!!!!
  • Sorry my guy I can't...
  • Hamilton and Jefferson are battling over the financial plan that Hamilton wants to do to get America out of debt. Jefferson doesn’t want to do it because he thinks it’s going against the constitution and in Hamilton's financial plan he wanted to make new laws and build new things, Jefferson did not want to do this either because he thought it would make the government have too much power.
  • Hamilton was trying to tax whisky to make more money for the government. Farmers who sold whisky did not like the tax and thought it was outrageous to place a tax on the whisky because that was pretty much all they drank. In 1794 hamilton lead an army of 13,000 to settle the rebellion because it was to much to handle and they needed to deal with it. In the end people learned that the U.S could keep the peace.
  • It started with the French needing our help. Jefferson thought that it was fine and felt that it was okay with it because the French helped us in the war and without them we might not have won the war and so Jefferson thinks it's fair that they came, while Hamilton thought they should not be there because he thought it would be hard to help different countries and he didn’t want to pick a side so he tried to tell Washington to make a law about it and Washington went with Hamilton's side instead of Jefferson's. 
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