Unknown Story
Updated: 8/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • John sleeps
  • John preaches
  • i will cleanse your sin only if you are sorry for your actions
  • sinner is not forgiven
  • It was his doing not mine.
  • Are u sorry for the sins you have committed.
  • Then you are not sorry so i shall not bapstise you.
  • john wanted to live a simple life he didn't want a fancy dinner or a nice bed. he thinks the god is all you need and he would even end up sleeping outside some nights
  • Jesus wants to be baptised
  • when people heard Jesus was in the area they would gather around and listen to john preach and get bapstised
  • Jesus is baptised
  • when people are not sorry or sad for there actions john will not forgive there sins dont believe they committed them
  • A voice appears
  • this my son i love him and i am pleased with him
  • john thought to himself how am i a regular man Baptise our savior Jesus
  • How am i just regular man too baptise you?
  • You must baptise me.
  • its important i do it now to set an example.
  • john took Jesus he laid his head and his body into the river Jordan
  • I baptise you.
  • all of a sudden the sky opened up and they holy spirit came down like a beautiful dove and a voice said "the is my son i love him and i am pleased with him