Carolina reaper
Updated: 3/18/2020
Carolina reaper

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • The pepper face off
  • 911!
  • How dangerous this pepper is
  • WHAT!!!
  • It seems this Carolina reaper has narrowed your brain arteries that is why you are having headaches
  • HAHAHHAHA! run pesants
  • One day a man decided to eat one of the hottest peppers in the world. The Carolina Reaper after he did this he started having huge headaches so they rushed him to the hospitial.
  • When he was rushed to the hospital the doctors told the patient. That the Carolina Reapear was able to narrow this guys brain arteris that is why he had headaches this is rare for something like this to happen.
  • The carolina reaper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. It was nominated for hottest pepper in the world in 2013. by guiness world records. If I were you If I saw this pepper I would stay away just like the guy. who had his brain arteries narrowed from it.