Updated: 2/17/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I went to this space at the dark, scary cave. I locked by bike, went mining for gold, explored the area and went back out. Spaces are the significance of a location and ways they are organised and managed And the natural/built features and where they are. There are two types of space, absolute location and relative location.
  • Scary!
  • This is my dream place and it is super cool! You can do everything here, there is free money. This would be my favourite spot in the world! This place is the place I want to be in. A place is where something is located at.
  • There are two types of environment: man made or a natural place or land. I am at a natural environment with a river next to a tree with a hole. There are many different environments like desert, rainforest and grasslands.
  • Living and non living items never stop changing. Some change slowly like glaciers and volcanoes which take a long time, and some quickly like bushland which gets cut for construction. The solar system is always changing and the sun could explode soon!
  • Interconnection means that all things, living or non living things, events, processes on Earth are connected. There are two types of interconnection, environmental processes (Like the water cycle. and human processes. (like migration) Everything is connected in different ways.
  • Sustainability can be made by savingwater such as, shorter showers, using the half flush, putting covers on your pools, and buying plastic water bottles. Sustainability is the present world to support and maintain living things. Scale is the different stages when geographical processes/events are observed, detected, and investigated