How seeds get pollinated
Updated: 6/4/2020
How seeds get pollinated
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  • Yeah!
  • Hey! Do you want to learn how seeds (hedyn) in a flower get pollinated? Ok then let's go to the Flower Field.
  • Petal-attracts insects,Stigma (Female Part)- receives pollen,Style (Female Part)- carries pollen to ovary,Ovary (Female Part)- makes seeds,Filament (Male Part)- makes pollen,Anther (Male Part)- attracts right insects and also makes pollen.Sepal- protects the bud
  • The First Thing you need to know is all the parts of a flower (blodau).
  • Now that you know all the parts of the flower let's move on to how seeds get pollinated. Firstly, many plants can't be pollinated by their own pollen (paill) as it must land on another flower that is the same point and this is called cross pollination.
  • Cool!
  • This is the rest of the pollination story.
  • Secondly, insects go round pollinating flowers when the insects collect nectar (neithdar), which is a sweet liquid, the male parts of the flower apply pollen to it's body and the the insect goes to many other flowers around it. However, they must be the same type otherwise the flower won't pollinate (peillio). Then, the insect (pryfed) brushes the pollen (paill) off which then pollinates that flower. Next, the pollen (paill) from the first flower attaches to the sticky stigma and then a part of the male cell (pollen) travels down towards the style. After that, the pollen enters the ovary and the pollen joins the ovules. Finally, the flower has been fertilized and the seeds (hedyn) begin to grow. That means the ovary is the fruit containing the seeds in the flower (blodyn).
  • Thank you so much for teaching me about for seeds in a flower get pollinated (peillio).
  • Your Welcome.
  • That was an AMAZING day!
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