Science 7 7-4
Updated: 4/1/2020
Science 7 7-4
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  • Wow that trip to the grand canyon wasnt fun. I wish I could millions of year back and see it for myself !
  • Ice and rain chipped away at the mountain range. Eventually the river got bigger and dug a path theough the mountain range.
  • Well the grand canyon would be around millions of years ago.
  • What do you mean it would be differnt?
  • Weathering can destroy or change rocks.
  • Millions of years ago the grand canyon was under an ocean. After the ocean disspaerad. A mountain range appeard
  • Snow pilled up on the peaks and when they melted all the water flowed together and formed a river.
  • The rocks and sediment fell into the river and the river carried the sediment to a differnt location. This is called erosion.
  • Eroison is what carries away the sediment and weathering is what chips away/destroys the rocks.
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