cheese sandwhich
Updated: 5/25/2020
cheese sandwhich
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  • oooo yummy, im going to eat my plain ham and cheese sandwhich
  • im chewing my sandwich into a bolus so i can swallow it down my oesophagus
  • finally the sandwich is down my oesophagus going into my stomach and is beginning to break down because of the acid
  • ahh, now my stomach is finished processing my food into energy and protein its ready to move to the small intestine
  • the small intestine has finished converting the protein and the enzyme called trypsin has done the job, its now ready to move to the large intestine
  • the small intestine is finished now the food is heading to the large intestine where the water will be absorbed from the remaining-indigestible food and then will go to the rectum for the faeces to be expelled
  • im now finished processing all of the food through my digestive system and i have excreted all of my faeces through my rectum
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