English work
Updated: 5/20/2020
English work

Storyboard Text

  • I was sleeping, when my dog came to my room
  • I listened music while i was sleeping
  • WOOF!!!
  • I believe that Henry is sleeping or playing,
  • while i was in my bedroom my mom was cooking the dinner, and the cat waited for its food
  • Henry!! come to eat get off please
  • Today was tired
  • My dad walked to house while he was looking his cellphone.
  • In the dining room my mom was talking about her day, and I talked about school work, and my dad talked about how his work went.
  • Today I had a hectic game with my friends.
  • I was reading the newspaper in the office, and today was bored.
  • Today was calm the day, the novel was interesting.
  • I said goodbye to my dad and my mom, i was about to go upstairs and go to my room to continue my work, and my mom said it was going to start her novel, and my dad went to the store for some pancakes.
  • I will finish my homework and play around for a while.
  • Today's chapter will be exciting.
  • I want some pancakes
  • When I finished my homework I started playing on the Left 4 Dead computer, I was playing with my Steam friends.
  • I wonder if Fox and OldCat will be active, today we agreed to play Left 4 Dead.