LEA Paraguay:Deforestation Part 2
Updated: 3/19/2020
LEA Paraguay:Deforestation Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • I want money.I don't care!
  • Plants and leaves contribute to reduce the quantity of Co2.If you rase at the soil forests the process to eliminate the GHG will be much longer and harder.
  • Precipitations are becoming more frequent and this can cause floods
  • Glaciers will melt
  • If we don't stop deforestation:
  • A lot of species will extinguish
  • There will be no more forests
  • ?
  • My ancestor , when he was in war,used my power, changing the mind of a soldier, but,it didn't help a lot...
  • But if people don't want to listen to me...I can use my powers!I can turn in the past and change the mind of so many people that think only to money !
  • Because he wanted to choose the leader, but he got confused and he used his powerover a minor soldier.
  • The End