Summary of F451

Updated: 9/9/2021
Summary of F451

Storyboard Text

  • Opening
  • Montag meets his neighbour Clarisse
  • Montag steals a bible and looks for a teacher, he meets Faber
  • We meet Montag for the first time.
  • Montag reads poetry to Mildred and her friends
  • Montag is intrigued by his neighbour because she is different and not like evreyone else.
  • Burning
  • After Montag steals a book he then wants to find a teacher to tell him about books. He meets Farber and he teaches him
  • Bombs dropping
  • Montag reads to Mildred and her friends and his boss finds out and gets angry.
  • Montag is ordered to burn a house down and burns Bettey as well.
  • Montag has gotten out of the town as the bombs drop, killing everyone in the town.