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How the Sun Was Created
Updated: 10/8/2020
How the Sun Was Created
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  • There is no light during the day! How are we supposed to hunt and eat?!
  • I Know! I am weak from hunger! Soon all of us will die!
  • They have the moon and the stars! That's good enough!
  • The animals will all die soon! We need a source of light during the day!
  • You shall all die if your not grateful for my night time light!!!
  • Exposition Out in a forest there lived all of the animals. The animals were very unhappy. The fox and elk complained about it to each other.
  • Rising ActionArtimus and Nyx started arguing about the situation with the sunlight. Apollo was listening to this argument and he agreed with Artimus and thought of a plan. "What if I take light from the moon and stars to create a ball of light for the day?" he thought.
  • We shall call this ball of light the SUN!
  • I was wrong, this sun is beautiful! I wish your animals good life!
  • Climax Nyx got so mad that she decided to destroy the world. She cried, "You can't take from my light to make your own! You shall feel my wrath!" The world was burned and flooded with shadows and poisonous gas. Apollo and Artimus knew they needed to do something or else the world would never be the same.
  • Falling ActionArtimus knew she needed to get the moon's light to make the ball of light for the day or else everyone would die. Secretly she sneaked out to a quiet place by the shore and took some of the moon's light.
  • Falling ActionOnce Nyx looked at the sun she realized how wrong she was and she apologized deeply. Unfortunately, she was killed by a deer impaling her with his horns. He says he can never forgive her.
  • ResolutionFrom that day forward the sun was greatly appreciated. The animals were very happy to have the sun giving them a path to hunt and the people were grateful for the sun's warmth and happiness.
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