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Greece Project
Updated: 11/18/2019
Greece Project
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4th period

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  • Good afternoon, thank you for attending this meeting today. We are glad to sit down with you and talk to you about our theme park
  • We are wanting to make this park in the middle of Athens, Greece. Greece has a population of 10.74 million, with Athens being the most dense region of population in the country. With this, it will allow a lot of people to visit our park in an area where there are a lot of people. Furthermore, with the help of Prokopis Pavlopoulos and the democratic government we feel like we can allow this to happen
  • Our park, that's name will be RADE-X, will allow more job opportunities as well as be a slight increase to the already $200.3 billion USD GDP Greece already has. We will use the natural resources of Greece, such as iron, to build the park. This will allow Greece to keep their low inflation rate of .5%. With 1 euro being equivalent to 1.11 US dollars, we can use this to help gather all the financial information we need.
  • The Mediterranean climate of Greece, allows for the park to be open all year long which will give a consistent to the employees of the park. Also, for Greece is a very religious Orthodox Christian Country, we will make sure that the park meets all cultural and religious needs. As well as providing special park events for most holidays such as Easter.
  • A don't in Greece is that you should not be offended easily, there will be many different cultures and ethnicities ( such as Greeks, Albanians, and Vlachs) in this park that we want everyone to be treated equally no matter what happens. Also, with the Life expectancy being 81 years, youcan expect to also see many different age groups.
  • We are hoping that you are wanting to invest into our company Rade-X, and we hope that we will see you again soon.
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