The Life of MadamC.J.Walker
Updated: 2/25/2020
The Life of MadamC.J.Walker

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  • When MadamC.JWalker was born
  • Madam C.J. walker was little
  • At the age 7 her parents died
  • MadamC.J. Walker was born on December 23 1867
  • Making hair produces for money and making a job
  • madam C.J Walker grew up in maryland and her family was a slave but she was not a slave in her family.In the land black and white were seperated.
  • becoming the first African American millionaire
  • At the age 7 her parents died and madam C.j.walker was a foster and she lived with her older sister. When they went to their parents funeral .Madam was not happy she wanted to live the best life she can.
  • Madam C.J Walker,s family
  • Madam C.J Walker was a teen looking for a job then she found a man that was also black that looked good so they got married.After that to help her life get better so she can grow up and be a good person and be healthy and not to die young.
  • madam c.j.walker was an adult when she got married and she worked for money and then madam got a baby and got married to mosesmcWilliams After that madam was selling hair products to help girls and guys to help their hair to stay healthy and not to make their hair not to fall out.Madam C.J was selling hair products and she soon was the first African Amarican to be an a millionaire.
  • Madam C.J.Walker was maried and got a good job and got a child witch was a daughter and her name was A,Lelia Walker.