Alisha Remtulla Drug Addiction Storyboard Part 1
Updated: 5/18/2020
Alisha Remtulla Drug Addiction Storyboard Part 1

Storyboard Description

Drug addiction assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Yo, you should really try this, it's really good.
  • At school:
  • Um, I don't know if I should. I know that smoking is bad for you as it harms your lungs a lot and you can get many different kinds cancers from smoking.
  • I'm telling you, you should smoke. The feeling is amazing.
  • The next day:
  • Here try it.
  • Fine, but I am only trying it once.
  • Ya, you are right, this is actually really good and addicting. I'm going to start smoking from now on.
  • Hi, what would you like to purchase?
  • Later that day:
  • Alright. Just give me one second.
  • A pack of cigarettes please.
  • Hi my name is Kyle. Dear diary, the cool kid, Matt, told me to try a cigarette today. I refused too. I wonder what is going to happen in the next few days.
  • Ah! My lungs are starting to hurt me. What could be causing the pain in my lungs? Hmm. Oh! It's the smoking. I guess I'll just have to quit smoking soon.
  • 2 months later:
  • Dear diary, guess what. Matt told me again to try a cigarette. I just inhaled a small breath of smoke. Man is it addictive.
  • Class, today's exam is a really easy one. It may be tough on some of you if you haven't studied for it. Good luck.
  • It was so addictive that I just had to buy a pack of cigarettes. I was enjoying smoking until.......
  • Today you guys will be getting your exam results back.
  • A+
  • F
  • A+
  • Dear diary, it's been a few months since I had started to smoke. I'm loving it. Today I started to feel some pain in my lungs. I think that I should just quit smoking. I still don't know yet.
  • Dear diary, it has now been a few weeks from when I first started to experience pain in my lungs. I had a big exam today. I do not know how I did on it. I hope I did good on it. I really don't want to break the record of always getting 98-100% in all of my classes. But I have to admit that the exam was kind of hard today.
  • Weeks later:
  • Oh oh! I studied for this exam, but I couldn't really concentrate much.
  • Dear diary, I got my exam results back today. I was praying that I would get a god mark on it, but it turned out that I got an F! I couldn't believe it. I went from a straight A student to an all F student.
  • A few days later:
  • Ah! How could this happen.
  • F