Friends in Space
Updated: 12/7/2020
Friends in Space

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  • One Morning in Space...
  • Good morning, Marie. Are you ready for our space walk today?
  • Sharing is Pairing
  • Ernie, J.J. - Does either one of you have an extra radiation shield for Marie?
  • I am happy to share mine with her on the space walk if we get paired up. It will strengthen our relationship.
  • I have an extra I can give her, and that would make me feel good.
  • Eat My Space Dust
  • Yeesh, I just know this space dust is getting on my clothes - seems like it is everywhere.
  • Marie, how can you be so hard on Neil's soup...when you know that ALL of his food is bad?! And by the way, Neil, you are worried about those clothes?!
  • It is everywhere, Neil. Space dust makes up everything in our universe, which might explain why your soup tastes so bad!
  • What do you guys miss most about home?
  • Micro Waves
  • Mornin', Lisa. I thought I was ready, but I can't find my radiation shield. I feel a little unstable without it.
  • I miss dancing...getting out on the dance floor and doing my thing....moving and shaking like only I can.
  • Heisen Who?
  • JJ, have you seen Lisa? When I think I know where she is, she moves. I can never be sure.
  • I don't know either. She is the Queen of Mystery, the Principal of Uncertainty.
  • Breaking Bread at the Periodic Table
  • I am really going to miss you guys when this voyage is over.
  • So we don't forget each other, I will keep a chart that lists all of the important information about each other
  • And every so often we can gather round a table, just like this one, share a meal and settle back in to our old familiar elements
  • Where is the attraction in that, J.J.? Dancing alone in a sea of others. You are such an old-timer. Line dancing is where it is at today! Out on the floor, with all your friends, moving in the same direction...the Electric Slide, the Macarena...everyone moving together, like in a giant wave.
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