A Silent Voice
Updated: 4/1/2020
A Silent Voice
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Two girls, despite the challenge, decide on building their friendship.

Storyboard Text

  • Going out
  • Come on mum, hurry up!
  • A lone girl
  • Be careful!
  • Mum! Look at me!
  • First meeting
  • ...
  • I'll be right back.
  • Hello! I'm Maria, what's your name?
  • Maria is very excited. It's Saturday; and every Saturday Maria and her mother go to the local playground to play .
  • Confusion
  • Mum! Mum! Guess what!...what do I do?
  • While Maria was happily playing, she spotted a blonde girl sitting alone on a swing. Maria decided that she would go and befriend that girl.
  • Realization
  • I am Nicole, and this is Zoe.
  • Maria was wondering... Could you explain?
  • good morning. I'm Sarah, and this is my daughter Maria.
  • When the girl saw Maria approaching, she smiled, and Maria smiled back. Maria introduced herself, but the girl started waving her hands in weird ways. Maria got confused. She politely excused herself and went back to her mother.
  • New friendship
  • Zoe says she'd love to be your friend, and would also help you learn sign language.
  • ...
  • Then I will learn sign language and we can be friends!
  • Maria ran to her mother and described what had happened. Her mother got a slight idea upon seeing the little girl and her mother using their hands to converse. Maria's mother suggested to go meet them.
  • It seems that her mother came. Let's introduce ourselves.
  • Maria and her mother introduced themselves. Then Maria's mother politely proceeded to ask Nicole to explain Zoe's situation to Maria. Nicole gladly explained that Zoe is a mute, and that even though she can hear you she won't be able to answer. So, Zoe uses sign language to communicate.
  • Of course!
  • Maria was surprised. But she had already made up her mind. If learning sign language is what it takes to be friends with Zoe, then she will gladly learn it. After all, she is a person just like her, and her inability to speak doesn't change anything. Both families happily parted ways after making plans to meet up again.
  • We look forward to seeing you more often Zoe!
  • That would be great!
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