AlejandraHidalgo_4tB_SHORT STORY
Updated: 5/18/2020
AlejandraHidalgo_4tB_SHORT STORY

Storyboard Description

The three little pigs

Storyboard Text

  • I'm going to go the three little pigs, first for the little one that is easier, then for the medium one, and finally, for the older one!
  • I'll blow your house out of straw!... WHOOOOO
  • The little pig ran to his older brother's house...
  • The wolf also blew up that house, they ran to his older brother's house, which was made of brick...
  • help us!
  • ... the wolf went up to the chimney because he could not knock down the house, they set fire to the chimney and the wolf burned.
  • The wolf fled with its tail burned, never to return. The three little pigs were happy forever.