The Day I Embarrassed my bully

Updated: 9/3/2021
The Day I Embarrassed my bully

Storyboard Text

  • haaa
  • hey little ugly fat girl
  • stop being mean
  • I wonder why they are messing with her
  • uhhh I hate this class cause she is in it .
  • hay kids welcome to art class
  • good afternoon
  • Im not trying to you was just bulling me so i siad somthin about you
  • stop trying to still my spot light
  • hey fatey tell me the answer.
  • everybody pass you test to kayla
  • Ok Msr. Jhnson
  • no
  • dang bro she told you
  • Kayla
  • Im tired of you messing with me the only reson why is because you stuped
  • loser
  • hey everyone take a seat at your tabel
  • haa
  • ow why did u push me fat haed
  • who you calling a fat haed