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Math Comic Strip
Updated: 3/22/2020
Math Comic Strip
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  • The Cat in the Tree 
  • x
  • 30 ft
  • 54*
  • 24.27 ft
  • x
  • 15 ft
  • One day, a small black kitten named Salem got loose from his owners house.
  • 27 ft
  • x
  • 34*
  • Salem came across and tree, immediately wanting to jump into the tree as there was a bird up there. If Salem was looking at the bird 30 feet away at the top of the tree at an 54 degree angle, how far is Salem from the tree?Answer: 17.6 feet
  • 30 ft
  • x
  • 73*
  • Salem made the climb but the bird flew away. Salem didn't realize he was afraid of heights until he got up to the top. If the height of the tree is 24.27 feet and the distance from the base of the tree to the point Salem is looking at is 15 feet, what is the degree of the angle in which he is looking down at?Answer : 31.72 degrees
  • The owner, Anna, found him and called the fire department. The fire-fighter tried to gently coax Salem down firstly but Salem was too scared. If the height from her hands to Salem is 27 feet and the angle of her arm to Salem is 34 degrees, how far is the firefighter from the tree? Answer- 40.03 Ft
  • The firefighter decides to get the firetruck and use the ladder to get Salem out of the tree. If the top of the fire truck to Salem is 30 feet and the angle the ladder is placed at is 73 degrees, how long is the ladder reaching Salem? Answer- 31.37 feet 
  • Salem was successfully saved from the tree. Salem and Anna lived happily ever after. The End.
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