Red Beans and its History
Updated: 10/1/2018
Red Beans and its History
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How the Dutch East Indian Company changed Indonesia as a country it self.

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  • Red bean was introduced at around 1800 to Indonesia, this happened by Dutch when they added the system, red beans were a main change back then.
  • Since red beans were brought, they had a lot of changes, this was brought to slaves and such to help them.
  • In the war back then, red bean was a must use, it was cheap and decent in flavour, they usually served it in cans, which soldiers would eat.
  • Red beans were dropping in amounts, due to thm being consistently used, this brought their economy down, but after, they changed this.
  • The red beans were then produced and farmed, the growth was now bigger and better, and now most of which are used for soldiers and slaves for free, this made their country better, as the slaves and soldiers would help the country grow big.
  • After the fight however, they lost a lot, even the red beans. red beans supplies were down to zero, the people left were starving to death, some died and some lived, red beans were served as history, but now, it is used
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