Updated: 5/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • There is two ways this can go from this point he can send the impersonator nudes then he will ask for more and say if you don't i will send those photos you sent me to your friends and then they will know.
  • Or if choose to tell his parents then they would call the cops and that would stop this criminal and save tons of other victims
  • James gets home and see's 3 messages from Sophie and the messages say "what are you doing" then the next one says "send me nudes" then "hey send me nudes no one will see them but me" James decides to wait a bit and see what happens
  • The next day James see's Sophie Demanding for nudes and she says "if you don't send me nudes i will share every thing you sent me with your friends."
  • Don't make the wrong choice if it happens to you