Alexander Hamilton

Updated: 6/14/2020
Alexander Hamilton

Storyboard Text

  • I am so happy right now!
  • Alexander is playing in the fields. He and his mother is happy even without his father. They are content with their way of life.
  • Alexander notices that his mother does not look too well, but he hopes it is nothing.
  • After a few more days of toil, they cannot go to work anymore. Both Alexander and his mother are bound to bed by a fever.
  • If they do not recover soon, they will not be able to afford food or any of their necessities. Alexander hopes they will get well as soon as possible,
  • Alexander has miraculously recovered from the fever he had been plagued with- yellow fever. He is stuck to his mother's side, tending to her needs.
  • After about 3 weeks of sickness, Alexander's mother has succumbed to the fever. Alexander is immensely saddened by these turn of events.