Betsy's Alibi
Updated: 2/14/2020
Betsy's Alibi

Storyboard Text

  • (1) "Hello, dear. It's Mom. Issomething the matter?" What is Jeff yelling about?"
  • (2)"Nothing, Mom. He andMark are just horsing around.
  • (1)We're going to watch a movie
  • (2)"Alright. Fine. What is it you called about?"
  • (1)"I just wondered if wecould have some of the cake. I didn't want to cut into it if you were saving it for something."
  • (2)"Of course I'm not savingit. Cake is for eating.
  • Betsy's mom calls her back while at a friend's house playing cards.
  • They continue talking and now Betsy's mom thinks Betsy is at the house with Mark and Jeff.
  • Betsy's mom says they can have cake and they hang up shortly.
  • Betsy puts the cake down the garbage disposal so it looks like they ate it.
  • Betsy turns on the TV and the stereo.
  • Betsy drives to meet up with Mark, Jeff, and David