Updated: 6/3/2020

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  • I'm so bored in the house. I wish I could learn about Genetics!
  • Hi Jorge, do you know something about genetics?
  • Yes I do Camilo, do you want to learn about it?
  • Oh yes, please teach me, I really wanna know!
  • Ok sure, no problem. So let's start...
  • First of all we should start off by explaining the traits... A genetic trait is the special characteristic of an species. The traits can define a person's characteristics like hair color, skin color, etc.
  • Oh, okay
  • Heredity is what we call the passing of traits from one generation to another, knowing the kind of traits that a future generation may have, can be known through a Punnett Square, which I'm about to explain
  • A Punnett square facilitates the organization of genetic information, by trying to define the next generation's traits. It organizes through gender ,and genotypes and phenotypes...
  • f
  • S
  • s
  • m
  • SS
  • S
  • sS
  • s
  • Ss
  • ss