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Updated: 9/20/2018
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  • Hollie Courington Bandit the raccoon
  • Bandit is a raccoon who loves to find anything to eat. He sees a trash can 10 feet away while looking up at a 50 degree angle. He needs to know how high he should jump to reach the top of the trash can. He uses trig to find out that 10/cos(50) = 15.6 ft. He will have to jump 15.6 ft. to reach the trash can.
  • 50°
  • 10
  • The trash can is too high for Bandit. He is really hungry and sees a dumpster. He sits 5 ft. away from an 8 ft. dumpster. He does not know his angle of elevation, so he uses trig. He finds out that the angle is inverse tan-1 (8 / 5) = 60 degrees. 
  • 8
  • 5
  • Bandit is not strong enough or tall enough to reach the dumpster to eat.
  • Bandit gets annoyed and scurries to a park bench. He finds a peanut on the bench. He needs to know how to jump up to a 4 ft. bench, when looking up at an angle of 30 degrees. he uses trig to find out that 4/ sin(30) = 8 ft.
  • 4
  • 30°
  • Bandit eats the peanuts on the bench and waits until he gets hungry again. THE END
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