Middle East Project
Updated: 3/31/2020
Middle East Project
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  • Welcome to Palestine.
  • Because so many religions want our holy lands?
  • We want this land!
  • Us Jews are so few. Do we have a choice?
  • The Balfour Declaration
  • Britain is giving us land?
  • Yes, the Balfour Declaration is allowing you to have this small area of Palestine.
  • We need more land!
  • Britain Controls. Jews Flood In.
  • Everyone please calm down!
  • Why do you keep coming in and trying to take all of our land!
  • Palestine had a large population of Arabs and a small population of Jews, but they lived all together. France and Britain decided that Palestine should be under international rule because of Jerusalem's religious significance and other important lands.
  • New Government
  • We will do what you say.
  • We are building you all a brand new government!
  • Absolutely not! We will protest! This is our home!
  • The Balfour Declaration gave the Jews a national home in Palestine in 1917, enforced by the British government.
  • The Arrival of German Jews
  • We need somewhere to stay after fleeing Germany!
  • Get out!
  • San Remo Conference gave Britain sole control over Palestine. After the Russian Revolution, many Russian Jews fled to Palestine. British tried to keep peace between Jews and Arabs but it was hard
  • Seperate States
  • We don't want any trouble. We will get them out...
  • We propose 2 different states!
  • Absolutely not! This is our home, we will not cooperate!
  • The British made a workable government with transportation, water, and electricity. The Jews cooperated, The Arabs opposed.
  • German Jews came with Hitler’s rise and Arabs started going on strike.
  • This is our home!
  • Leave!
  • Britain proposed two separate states, but the Arabs refused to have a Jewish state. Britain didn’t want tension, so they gave the Arabs what they wanted and promised the Jews to be out within 10 years.
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